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Challenge Quilt

"Unspoken Messages"

2022 Indianapolis Quilt Show Challenge

Have you stopped to think about the ways you can send a message without using the written word, texting or speaking?  

  • Facial expressions, body language, mannerisms, gestures

  • Morse Code

  • Flowers

  • Emojis

  • Shorthand

  • Sign Language

  • US Road Signs

  • International Signal Flags



Create a quilt (measuring 18” wide by 30” long) that conveys a message you want to send to your fellow quilters, a family member or other relative, an elected official, your significant other, our first responders to the pandemic, to highlight a cause/movement you support (climate change, criminal justice, breast cancer awareness, etc.) or to celebrate an important event in life (marriage, birthday, graduation, first job, new puppy, etc.). You get the idea.  Then convey that message in your quilt using one or more of the methods listed above.  Your message should not contain any written words.  We want the show visitors to look at your quilt and attempt to decipher the message you are sending.  We will reveal the message on the registration card that is posted by your quilt.


Questions?  Members can contact Maureen Weflen via email (in the Members section of the website). Non-members may send an email to Maureen by clicking on Contact at the top of the website page.

You need to be a member of the guild to enter your challenge quilt!

All challenge quilts will need a sleeve!

Get full set of instructions here.

Get sleeve instructions here.

Sample 1
Sample 2
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