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Quilters Guild of Indianapolis meets 2nd Thursday of the month

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Upcoming Meetings


Diane Murtha: Challenges - Accept the Challenge and Win a Prize

Diane Murtha
Diane first tried quilting with her Grandmother at age 8. She took her first quilting class in the late 90’s and has been quilting ever since. She began as a traditional quilter, gradually modifying patterns more and more. Over the last 8 years, she gravitated to art quilts, specifically participating in art quilt challenges. She describes her quilting adventure as long and varied, including delusions of grandeur, some epic fails, a few triumphs, many “good enoughs” and most importantly, increasingly satisfying results. The stories that go along with her quilts are equal to the warmth and smiles they bring.
Diane retired in 2016 after a 32-year career as a Department of Army civilian and now has time to be more creative and explore quilting on even more new levels!
Diane and her husband, Tim currently live in Iowa, where they enjoy RVing and continue supporting Foster Care.

Diane's lecture for QGI will be:
Challenges – Accept the Challenge & Win a Prize
My lecture is a trunk and slide show talking about my experiences with quilt challenges - the tips and tricks I've learned and my ah-ha moments along the way.  I'll share detailed information about quilt challenges in general, mixed in with what I specifically learned with each quilt challenge quilt I did, as well as advice from Quilt Challenge organizers on what they look for.  But the big point I try to drive home is - just try it.  If I can do it, so can you!  I really want to inspire and encourage other quilters because I have learned so much along the way and am super excited to share.  The prize doesn't have to be a blue ribbon - it's really your own satisfaction, confidence, and improved quilting skills!

On Saturday, January 16th, Diane will be conducting an online workshop - Modified Quilt As You Go.
Please keep an eye out for info in Jenny Quilter or go to the Workshops page for more info and how to register.

Lisa Walton - "Leap and the Net Will Appear"

Lisa Walton will be joining us on Zoom all the way from Australia!

She has over 25 years experience as a quilter. She started out with traditional techniques, but found she like to bend the rules. Lisa specializes in hand dyed and painted fabrics. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge and loves to teach. Her other obsessions, food and travel, opened new doors for her to teach and lead Textile and Food tours all around the world. She also has a series of videos on You Tube called Quilt Stories where she interviews other artists.

In her presentation for the QGI meeting, Lisa will take us on her creative journey and we will see how her work has developed over the years and the milestones and ‘leaps’ she has taken.

Adele Scott - Traditional Quilting with Modern Methods

She will take a traditional quilt and breakdown the parts with tips, techniques and products to make it easier to sew and achieve expert results. Learn modern methods for Triangles, Flying Geese, Heirloom Appliqué, fabric preparation, how to get proper sized blocks, the perfect 1/4", marking products and methods, glue vs clips vs pins, quilting options, etc. There are many other topics if you are looking for something specific.
Website – adelscott.com

Maria Shell - Traditional, Art, Modern – Notes from the Field

Maria Shell started out as a traditional quilter, but soon found herself making abstract pieced art quilts that look surprisingly modern. Maria will share her personal journey in and about the traditional, art, and modern quilt movements. Can you be all three?
Website: www.mariashell.com Please give it a look.

Mel Beach - Dancing with Threads

Tune in as I share my love of free motion quilting as it relates to my guilty pleasure of watching reality television!! I’ll share my own unscripted, real-life adventures of learning to free-motion quilt. You won’t want to change channels as I share my confessionals about my fear factors, extreme makeover story, myth busting tips and tricks for quilting on a domestic sewing machine, and “show”mance with some of my favorite tools and notions! Be sure to set your TiVo and DVR, as you won’t want to miss this humorous and inspirational presentation - complete with a trunk show finale!
This a zoom lecture.

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