Quilters Guild of Indianapolis

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church

1605 East 106th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46280

Quilters Guild of Indianapolis meets 2nd Thursday of the month

from 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Upcoming Meetings


June 16, 2022

Pam Mick - My Life in Crayons!

Pam is a retired Elementary Teacher and it seems as though “color” was a constant that ran though everyday of being an educator. What this statement means is that throughout every endeavor and picture book that was utilized in the classroom day - it all hinged on COLOR. As she has evolved as an artist in cloth, COLOR became her constant companion. Her relationship with color has been a struggle sometimes. She and Color are friends, while other times they became sparing partners. During the trunk show, the evolution of color will be evident as well as her progression in the use and manipulation of color to aid her quilts in telling their story.

July 14, 2022

Jenny Kae Parks – Scrappy AND Happy? – Scrap Therapy for the Reluctant

Are you Scrappy AND Happy? What IS a scrap quilt? How do you make one? How can you be scrappy AND happy with the finished project? Tried to make scrap quilt and failed? Jenny Kae will answer these questions and give you practical scrappy ideas for your next project. You can do it and get great results!
There are two kinds of people in the world, those who hate scrap quilts and those who love them. This lecture is about Jenny’s journey from scrap hater to scrap lover. Leave hate behind and learn to love again!

Jenny Kae Parks contracted an incurable case of Quilt-pox in 2001 with her first project - quilted place mats. Several years and many projects later, she began working and teaching at local quilt shops. Since 2013, she has hosted over 150 videos demos for The Quilting Company, Quilting Daily, Fons & Porter, Quiltmaker and Craft U. She has a pattern line and live videos and fabric sales on Facebook and YouTube. Jenny Kae’s latest project is an online color course – specifically for quilters! “My objectives, whether teaching, filming or designing, are to entertain, educate and encourage quilters of all skill levels.”